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Cold Hors D’oeuveres

Cold Hors D’oeuveres

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how much to order? we recommend 3-6 pieces per person for pre-dinner, 6-8 pieces for partial cocktail party and 10-12 for a full evening party. Add a cheese platter or an antipasto platter to round out the night.

*All prices are in dozens

pancetta wrapped figs & arugula, $26

cherry tomato, basil & boccocini, $24

vietnamese salad rolls
vegetarian with a spicy peanut sauce, $24
shrimp, $28
crab and mango, $28

strawberry and brie, $26
olive tapenade and cherve, $26
Pesto and Bocconcini, $26
proscuitto and Smoked Gouda, $26

smoked salmon rolls
filled with capers, dill and cream cheese, $30

cucumber cups
sweet chili prawns, $30
curried chicken salad, $24

Meant for 10 people – served with freshly toasted pita crisps that are tossed in olive oil, cumin and sea salt
hummus ,with fresh dill, lemon and cracked pepper, $10
smoked salmon and artichoke,fresh dill and cream cheese, $12