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How much to order? We recommend 3-6 pieces per person for pre-dinner, 6-8 pieces for partial cocktail party and 10-12 for a full evening party. Add a cheese platter or Churtieure platter to round out the night.


Charcuterie Platter, $120

Aged cheddar, boursin, grizzly gouda, cured meats, marinated olives, gerkins, fig and balsamic jam, crisps & grapes

Cheese and Fruit Platter, $100

Selection of imported cheeses, grapes, berries and crisps

Crudities Plater, $80

Baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, snow peas & tzatziki


Cold Appetizers

Vietnamese salad rolls 
Vegetarian, $24/ dozen
Shrimp, $28/dozen
Crab and mango, $28/ dozen


Strawberry and brie, $26/dozen
Olive tapenade & chevre, $26/dozen
Pesto & bocconcini, $26/dozen
Prosciutto & smoked gouda, $26/dozen


Cucumber cups filled with

Sweet chili prawns, $30/dozen

Curried chicken salad, $24/dozen

Figs wrapped in prosciutto & arugula, $26/dozen

Cherry tomato, basil & bocconcini skewers $24/dozen

Smoked salmon rolls filled with capers, dill and cream cheese, $30/dozen


Spicy thai lamb balls, $28/dozen

Bison balls with asiago, $30/dozen

Asparagus wrapped in pancetta, $28/dozen


Mini quiche
Spinach and feta, $24/dozen
Prosciutto and Camembert, $26/dozen
Mushroom and Asiago, $26/dozen
Tomato and Basil, $24/dozen


Phyllo parcels
Spinach and feta, $24/dozen
Rosemary chicken & chervere, $26/dozen
Brie apple and walnut, $26/dozen


Fish & seafood
Coconut prawns with a mango chutney, $28/dozen
Smoked chipolte, basil and orange Prawns, $28/dozen
Thai fish cakes with a chipotle mayo, $28/dozen
Ahi tuna morsals with a wasabi and sesame crust, $40/dozen

Crab cakes with an curried mango mayo, $36/dozen
Prosciutto wrapped scallops, $36/dozen


Curried vegetarian, $24/dozen
Curried beef, $26/dozen



Spicy peanut chicken satay, $22/dozen
Hoisin beef satay, $24/dozen
Teriyaki wild salmon satay, $24/dozen
Lemon rosemary chicken satay, $22/dozen


Mushroom caps
Sundried tomato, dill and cream cheese, $24/dozen
Crab, lemon, dill and cream cheese, $26/dozen
Pancetta and goats cheese, $24/dozen

Chorizo sausage and roasted red Pepper, $20/dozen
Three cheese $16/dozen
Brie and avocado, $18/dozen

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